At our studio, we draw inspiration from the opulent vintage laces and exquisite brocades of the past. Our designs encapsulate a captivating fusion of sensuality and elegance, crafting alluring silhouettes that leave a lasting impression. We utilize a palette of deep and rich hues to enhance the allure, ensuring that our creations evoke a sense of timeless beauty and unforgettable style.


Nature serves as an everlasting source of inspiration for us, continually fueling our creative endeavors. Recently, we have delved into the world of Victorian-era wallpaper, embroidery, and upholstery, exploring the intricate floral motifs prevalent during that time. What captivates us is the profound depth and richness displayed in these floral designs, which we strive to infuse into our own creations.

Our pieces are deeply inspired by family, reflecting the cherished memories and values passed down through generations, creating a meaningful connection to the heart of our designs.

We have found an abundance of inspiration in trims, lace, intricate beading, bows, and ruffles. These elements encapsulate the essence of elegance and femininity, and we incorporate them into our designs to add exquisite and enchanting details. Drawing from the past, we reimagine these timeless embellishments to create pieces that are both nostalgic and contemporary.


We will be releasing new styles and prints on a monthly basis, ensuring a fresh and captivating experience. To stay updated and be the first to know about our drops, we encourage you to sign up for our email list located at the bottom of the page.