Welcome to Lesea Berry, where we create unique and beautiful pieces designed and made in the heart of New York's Garment District. Founded by Lesea Berry in the summer of 2022, this brand celebrates the beauty and individuality of women.

As a New York resident for the last 7 years, Lesea draws inspiration from the city's dynamic energy, diverse cultures, and rich history. Her designs also reflect a love for Victorian Romanticism, 18th century sleeves, gardens, and interiors, resulting in relaxed luxury pieces that evoke a sense of nostalgic beauty.

At LESEA BERRY, we believe in making each piece as special and unique as the women wearing them. Our pieces are designed to be whimsical yet wearable, perfect for any occasion. Each romantic ethereal piece is made-to-order to ensure a perfect fit and to reduce waste.


Lesea strongly believes in supporting the fine craftsmanship that the US has to offer. All pieces from LESEA are designed and made in New York City's Garment District.

Growing up in a family who shares a love of art and interiors, Lesea was immersed in this creative environment. Constantly surrounded by captivating designs, intricate prints, and a diverse array of fabrics. This early exposure fostered a deep appreciation for aesthetics and became a driving force behind the brands artistic journey.

LESEA is an all female company that knows what our clients need because we are the client. We strive to create pieces that are meant to be adored, cherished, and enjoyed for years to come, ensuring quality and timeless style.

Animals are a huge part of Lesea's life and therefore we are committed to being a cruelty-free brand. We refuse to use leather, skins, feathers, or furs in any of our pieces. We will continue to donate to local shelters and larger non-profit organizations, providing vital assistance to animals in need, and encourage acts of kindness towards animals.


"I am grateful that I can build a company where family comes first. My dream is to create an environment where parents, children, and pets are actively included in the office and photoshoots. Their presence brings profound meaning, happiness, and an endless source of inspiration to our lives."